The skies grow dark as storms rush in
My soul is dragged down by the weight of my sin
The demons are with me all day and all night
Then I hear Him whisper, “I am the way, the truth, the life.”

My mind is held hostage, shackled with chains
It all seems so heavy; the guilt, the shame, the pain
How could He love me with all that I’ve done?
Then I hear Him whisper, “You’re why I sent my Son.”

I want to know Him but my sin is so great
How could He forgive so much pride, anger and hate?
I feel so unworthy. I can’t show my face
Then I hear Him whisper, “You’re saved by My grace.”

Slowly my burdens begin to lift
I’ll never understand such a wonderful gift
Day by day He’s making me whole
Then I whisper back, “Thank you God for saving my soul.”