I walked through life wretched and blind; sin had shackled and enslaved my mind.

My body was bound with unbreakable chains: pride and arrogance…rebellion and pain.

I put on a mask and tried to hide the confusion and chaos going on inside.

I donned my costume and put on a show so no one could tell…so no one would know.

Everyone bought it…no one could see that the actor they saw wasn’t really me.

Then one day it all came crashing in; the facade fell apart under the weight of my sin.

Broken and shamed I lifted my face searching for mercy, forgiveness and grace.

I cried out for help from Heaven above and Jesus reached down and poured out His love.

My sin had a cost…death was the fee, but Christ paid my debt on Calvary’s tree.

Because of His love He opened the door. I’m a new creation, His ever more.

Now I walk free in hope and in light; my changed life a testiment to His power and might.

He looked past my sin, past all I had done and chose me as His adapted son.