The Fall

It started so perfect, so innocent and right. The moment God uttered “Let there be light.”

He created the skies, the land and the seas. For six days He worked. At the end He was pleased.

From dust God formed man and breathed him to life. But something was missing. He gave him a wife.

He placed them in Eden, a garden so fair. All He created was under their care.

God had provided. They had all they would need. The whole world was theirs save one single tree.

The deceiver came forth. His lies he did tell. And with one little bite the race of men fell.

Out of the garden mankind was thrown. If only they’d resisted. If only they’d known.

With that very first sin all hope was lost. Until Jesus died on that old rugged cross.

Because of His love the Son took our place. From death we’re now saved by His amazing grace.