Lost Soul Forgiven

Adrift on the ocean, tossed by the waves
A heart that was hardened, a mind enslaved
You were always there patiently waiting
A new life to give, mine for the taking
I had but to ask and You’d gladly come in
But something stopped me, my pride and my sin
I had to be broken, brought to my knees
For my heart to be opened, for my eyes to see
How much you loved me, all that you gave
The price that You paid so I could be saved
For on that dark day two thousand years past
Redemption was born when Heaven and Earth clashed
Man was determined to blot out the Son
But the tomb was empty, the battle was won
Sin was defeated and death lost it’s sting
Eternally conquered by Jesus the King
I once lived enslaved, a life lost and hidden
Now i stand free a Lost Soul Forgiven