Coming Home

When I was young, still foolish in my ways,
my mind was overcome. Clouded with haze.
Blinded by arrogance and filled with pride
I sat out into the world to claim what was mine.
The American dream is what I was sold.
Get all you can is what I was told.
To be a success you need money and things.
But along the way you realize it’s not what it seems.

The dream is gone. It will never come true.
All this for nothing. What will I do?
I think of my Father. Of what might have been.
All of it wasted because of my sin.

Now I have nothing. Broken and shamed.
My life has no meaning. A legacy of pain.
I long for the comfort and safety of home.
How could I have been so foolish? If only I’d known.

I swallow my pride and turn back to Him.
Will he still have me in spite of my sin?
Forgive me Father for all that I’ve done.
I’m not worthy to be called Your son.

He stood with arms open and to my surprise
a smile crossed His face and tears filled His eyes.
He said, “It doesn’t matter what you have done.
All is forgiven. Welcome home son.”